Why I Love Working with Improvisers

Improvisers make choices.  They’re willing to try anything.  And they make every project more interesting.

Check out this short film my team just completed for the 48 Hour Film Project.

Written by three improvisers, acted by four improvisers, directed by one improviser and edited by one improviser and one non-improviser.

Improvisers constantly move forward.  That comes in handy when you have to create an entire project in 48 hours.  There’s no time for second-guessing.  And that’s what I loved about this team.  When we decided on our idea, we plowed ahead.  And the finished product is better than what we envisioned.  You can’t plan the magic that happens when working with such sharp, generous minds.

Now, if I could just find a way to get paid for doing this…

Update: “Dropping the Question” won the award for Chicago’s audience favorite.  If you enjoyed it, please share it with a friend.


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