Where to Put Your Excuses

Put them up your butt.


I’m sick of excuses in improv.

After a bad show, you’ll hear some performers blame the small/unresponsive audience for their performance.  Some blame the burrito they ate.  Some blame the way they’re dressed.  Some blame some arbitrary force that has nothing to do with the initiation, support, execution and editing of a scene.

The audience doesn’t care.

The audience rolled off their couches and paid money to come to your show.  You owe them a professional performance.

If you believe Excuse A, B or C will truly wreck your ability to improvise, ask your team if it’s cool if you sit out.  They will be fine with it.  What they don’t want is for you to give a half-assed performance and blame it on A, B or C after the fact.

Brett Favre had one of the best games of his life the day after his father died.  On Monday Night Football.  In front of a national audience.

So what’s your excuse?  Your tummy hurts?  You have a headache?  Bad day at work?  Stick it up your butt.  Get to the theater.  Leave it all behind and play make-believe for 30 minutes.  Then go home and collapse into bed.


One response to “Where to Put Your Excuses

  1. sounds like you had a bad experience?

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