The Improv Wisdom of… Deion Sanders?

God help me, but NFL Hall of Famer and world-class loudmouth Deion Sanders just posted something worth reading on his blog.  He talks about the importance of failure.

“Show me a successful person, and I guarantee that he or she experienced some form of failure before they reached the pinnacle of success. In fact, failure does not PREVENT success…in most cases it PRECEDES it.”

Read the full post here.

Every performer you love has had terrible shows.  They’ve stumbled through the learning curve.  They’ve waded through stagnant swamps.

In my very first improv class nearly 12 years ago, I had close to 30 classmates.  Many were naturally funnier than I was.  But all of them have fallen out of the scene.  I’m hardly considered an improv “success” by the community at large.  I don’t play in Armando, Charna doesn’t recognize me and I’ve never been hired by Second City.  But I’m still here.  And I’m not done.

The only one who can make you quit is you.

Thanks for the reminder, Deion.


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