Stop This Initiation

“This is the best _________ ever!”

I’ve heard this initiation a million times.  The scenes that follow are always feigned enthusiasm.  And we never learn why it’s the best ________ ever.  We just know one actor is really pumped about it.

Initiate with an opinion.  Initiate with an emotion.  Initiate with an observation about the other person.  Initiate with a secret about yourself.  Initiate with anything… anything… but don’t say something is the best ever and expect us to believe you.

And if you really want to talk about how something is the greatest, tell us why.  “That breakdancing camel is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen at a circus!”  “I’ve never been to a birthday party with wall-to-wall mimes before!”  “This pizza is so good, it makes me want to punch you.”

Be specific.  “Best _________ ever,” is an opinion that tells us nothing about the scene, your partner or even much about yourself.  Also, when was the last time you said that in real life?  When you were 12?

For the good of all improvisation, kill that initiation.  Thank you.


One response to “Stop This Initiation

  1. I feel like it’s also awful in any part of a scene because it’s not specific or believable. Definitely one of my pet-peeves, too.

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