What the CEO of Twitter learned from improv

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo recently delivered a commencement address to the University of Michigan.  He speaks about the importance of making daring choices, being in the moment, the futility of planning and how he bombed a scene with Steve Carell.  (Start watching at 2:54)

It’s important to note that Costolo had the same dream many (most?) improvisers have.  Come to Chicago, study improv, get on “Saturday Night Live,” get rich and die happy.  But sadly, Costolo didn’t get his dream.  He just had to end up as the CEO of Twitter.

If you end up on SNL, God bless.  Most of you won’t.  But you can carry the lessons of improvisation through the rest of your life.  And they will make you a success.

Got an improv question?  E-mail me at boilingpointimprov[at]gmail.com


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