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I’m excited to offer the next evolution in Chicago’s improv community. Under the Gun Theater is launching a new program called Power Up. After an audition process, selected performers will spend 12 weeks bonding as a team, learning from a coach and performing six shows.

Improv classes are great, but they have a lot of drawbacks.

  • Some people are serious about learning, while others just want to screw around or show off.
  • You may be significantly more advanced than the other students.
  • Even if you like your class, there’s no guarantee they’ll stick together as you progress.
  • Teachers are often so focused on the curriculum, they don’t get a chance to focus on things like group chemistry or support or editing or form.

With our Power Up program, we hope to improve on the learning experience. With auditions, we will have a measure of quality control so you’re not always doing scenes with the dentist from the suburbs whose wife bought him an improv class for his birthday. Because our program lasts 12 weeks, you’ll have an opportunity to bond with your castmates and get some real traction as a team. And since you’ll have six shows, you’ll get specific feedback that will help you as a performer, not just improv platitudes that you’ll forget.

The four Power Up ensembles will be coached by Greg Callozzo, Mishell Livio, Jeremy Sender and yours truly.

I’ve been studying, performing and directing improv in Chicago for 17 years. If I retook all my classes at Second City, iO and Annoyance, it would now cost me $7,070. My goal is to distill all of that information into nitro-powered comedy widom. I want to make improv easy and fun. You will not stand on stage for ten minutes doing mirroring exercises or making “whoosh” noises.

So if you’re ready to take the next step, drop your bad habits and emerge as a comedy butterfly, click here to sign up for an audition slot. We hope to see you at auditions June 10 & 11!

Got questions about this or anything else in comedy? Hit me up at boilingpointimprov[at]gmail.com.